ExecuTec Suites offers a professional environment designed to support our tenants, their business strategies and customers.

Our “Customer for life” philosophy extends a standard of quality service for our tenants that promotes networking, and a continual desire to increase our clients’ business opportunities and success rate.

We accomplish this by promoting effective leadership, finding and keeping the right employees, ongoing excellence to achieve total customer satisfaction and quality service, and continually unleashing a steady flow of new ideas and programs to further the success of our business model and that of our valued customers.

You have a choice. You can make the time to rent office space, purchase or rent furniture and office equipment, secure the technology you need, hire, train and manage staff, and arrange for utilities and janitorial service, OR, you can consider the ExecuTec Suites solution.

As owners and managers of Executec Suites, Phil and Terry Falcone can be found in the building every day. By personally managing this facility we can offer the very best service and care you will find anywhere. No one cares more about the business than the owners who run it every day. We are dedicated to our tenants and their business success. Flexibility and service to our tenants is our main focus of every business day.

Distinctive executive offices, complete with sophisticated professional staff, that give you the competitive advantage… without significant capital investment. Grow your business, not your overhead! Save 60 to 80% over the cost of furnishing, equipping and staffing the traditional small office through a shared resource solution. Independent surveys show that you can save up to 78% compared to traditional office costs.

There’s no need to tie up capital – with ExecuTec, you have the offices you need when and where you need them.

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